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Caring for textiles

Original Textile Artwork

Each original is hand-sewn from recycled, new and/or hand-dyed cotton.

Just like any item of clothing left in direct sunlight for too long, the colours will fade and so we advise that your original textile art picture is placed where it will not be in too much sun.

Museum pieces such as the Bayeux Tapestry are kept in tightly controlled lighting to preserve them for centuries.

Textiles can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner on “low” setting with the nozzle covered with muslin. This should ensure that dust is removed without snagging the stitching. It should not be washed.

Driftwood Frames

The driftwood frames have been left untreated and can be vacuumed – again on a low setting.

Giclee and Art Prints

The giclee prints have been produced on unsealed canvas with inks that are as light-fast as possible. It is recommended that they be kept out of direct sunlight.